5 Common Apple TV Problems and How to fix them?

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No doubt Apple TV is getting better with age but it does not mean that it is a perfect device. In this article, we have described what are the common Apple TV problems and how to fix them in an easy way. Fortunately, you can resolve Apple TV problems on your own but if you face any sort of difficulty then reach out at Apple TV Customer Support Number to get the perfect guidance directly from experts.

Let’s have a look at 5 common Apple TV problems –

AirPlay is not working –

If you are unable to use AirPlay then you need to check these critical things i.e., –

a. Your Mac and iOS should be on the same wireless network.

b. Confirm AirPlay is enabled on Apple TV. To check this, go to Settings and set the Airplay toggle to ON.

Apple Siri remote is unresponsive –

If Apple Siri remote is not working then you should understand that it is run out of power.

To check battery power, head towards Settings> Remotes and Devices > Remote. Through this, you can see a graphic of available power. Otherwise, plug your Apple Siri remote into the power source with a lightning cable and then recharge it for some time before using it again.

Apple TV is saying it is out of space –

Generally, when you download more apps, the available storage shrinks. So, first, you have to determine how much space is consumed by a particular application. To check this, head towards, Settings> General > Manage Storage. Once you find out how much space is consumed by a particular application you can delete the unwanted application which you don’t use. In case, if you need those applications in future, you can download them from App Store.

Apple TV Wi-Fi problem –

WiFi problems are ranges from slow performance to the inability to join local network, random disconnection etc.

Navigate to Settings> Network and then check if IP address is displaying there or not. If there does not exist any IP address then restart your router and Apple TV.

On the other hand, if there exists IP address but there is no Wi-Fi signal then move your wireless access point close to Apple TV so that signal strength can improve.

Video & audio problem –

You should try these steps in order to resolve video and audio problems –

a. Confirm that volume on your TV is not set as “Mute”.

b. In various cases, by restarting your Apple TV you can easily get rid of such problems.

c. Disconnect HDMI cable and then reconnect it to Apple TV.

d. Also, check the resolution by going through Settings> Audio & Video > Resolution. Ensure that Resolution is set to “Auto” because it might be possible that your chosen might inappropriate for your Apple TV.

If you find it difficult to resolve Apple TV problems then ask for support by calling on Apple TV Customer Support Number.

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