How Can I fix Sound Problem in magicJack?

magicJack device is generally used to make long-distance calls. However, internet connection is the first requirement to enjoy the benefits of this gadget. Since magicJack is a technical device so users can go through different kinds of obstacles while using. Generally no sound problem in magicJack is often complaint by a large number of users. And here we are discussing how to resolve the sound problem in magicJack.

Follow These 7 Steps to Fix the Sound Problem in magicJack –

  1. Firstly check magicJack is properly connect or not as it plugged into USB outlet on the device on your operating system.
  2. Once you do this, you need to check if your telephone is appropriately connect magicJack.
  3. Now, go to your computer screen, open magicJack menu. In the magicJack menu, choose “Volume” tab. And then inspect the volume settings on your phone to verify that volume is not mute. Also, confirm that you have chosen handset mode.
  4. In the next step, open Sound menu. And then press right click on menu button that is located in the menu bar. In the same menu, you have to choose Properties by pressing right click on Handset icon. Also, confirm that Device usage option is set to “Enable”.
  5. If you are using speakers or handsets then verify that you have chosen the right device from the given options.
  6. Now, unplug internet connection wire from your operating system and wait for some time. After waiting approx 5 minutes, plug-in again and wait until internet connection get re-establish.
  7. Lastly, unplug magicJack device from your computer and once magicJack restarts plug-in back.

Hope, overall steps will help you to fix sound issues in magicJack. But if you are experiencing the same problem then immediately get in touch with experts at magicJack Technical Support Number.

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