How do I Create a Roku Account

Want to create a Roku account then you have to make an account on the Roku device. After that, you will be able to add the USA channel on your Roku device. Here we will discuss how to create a Roku account. And we will also discuss here the process of activation on your Roku account.

On command to add the USA channel to your Roku device, you have to create the USA Roku account. 

Follow the Given Steps to Create a USA Roku Account:

  • Confirm that you have 3 green check marks in your account home of the tracking device and that you can set Roku location to the USA under region settings in your tracking device account before you start or the following process will fail.
  • Go to Roku official website and tap on creating an account.
  • Fill the email address that you want to use and password for the Roku account. 
  • Type a PIN approved purchases on the Roku store.
  • Now, the next step will show you the payment option, there are two types of payment methods. It’s up to which method you want to use.
  • If you select a credit card payment option, you need to create a 5- digit zip code using on the number of your actual zip code related to your credit card. 

Using a Credit Card: 

You have to use your own area address that is related to your credit card.

After that, you need to convert the postal code into a valid zip code.

You need to note the city related to the new zip like you will need this for the account set up.

Step to Convert your Postal Code into a Valid Zip Code:

  • Pick the digits from the postcode. Such as, M13 9PG will become 139.
  • Sum up zero to the end in case you have less than 5 digits, then 139 will become 13900.
  • Use the USPS zip code tool to prove that it is a valid zip code.
  • If you did not find the valid zip code then add 1 at the place of last zero, and try again. Like this, if 13900 will not work then try this 13901.
  • Still not getting a valid code, then keep trying to add 1 to the last digit unless you get one valid code. 
  • When you touch 9 and you still haven’t found a valid zip code add 1 next to the 0. Therefore, you will have 13910.
  • In this case, 13901 is the zip code BINGHAMTON NY so no needs to continue any additional. You have to keep a note of the city and state-related with the new zip code like you need this for your Roku account set up.

Simple ways to Pay with PayPal:

  • It’s not important that your PayPal is registered with the country. 
  • No need to convert your address through the method which given is at the above, but you need to use a valid USA address. So, Google a valid USA address.

At the time of Activation:

  • When you turn on your Roku account, the procedure will automatically start. This process will help to set up a connection with the internet, configure preferences and settings and start your Roku account. At the time of activation time, you will have the option to connect your
  • Roku device to a current Roku account, and you can create a new account.
  • Want to know how to link your Roku device to your Roku account, then find out more about the activation process.

If you have already connected with other Roku account then you have to operate a factory reset to unlink the Roku from that account.

There are Two Ways to Factory Reset:

Menu Reset:

On the Roku home screen, click on setting> factory Reset and go ahead with the instruction.

Hard Reset:

Use a thin paper clip to press and hold the Reset button at the back of the Roku for a minimum at 20 seconds or unless you display the Roku welcome screen on your TV.

Final thoughts:

As you see, above all the steps to create a Roku account in a simple way. You only have to follow the steps and you will be able to create a USA Roku account. To convert your postal code into a valid zip code:

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