How do I Fix Roku Error Code 009

Roku is a series of online media player. it is a streaming devices that receive data via a wired or by Wi-Fi connection from the internet router. The data is out stream by using audio cable, video cable or HDMI Connector.When you connect your Roku device with router, some time its show get connected with router, but you are not able to access internet through router, it shows Roku error code 009 which means Roku device is connected with the router, but actually not able to connect to the internet.

To resolve this issue. first you need to contact your internet service provider. If you are not getting internet till router. Then service provider will resolve this issue. But if you are getting internet network for some other devices like your personal computer that means you are getting internet. So to resolve this issue, you need to restart your router as well as your Roku devices.

This steps might resolve the issue but if you are still getting this Roku error 009. Then you need to follow some steps

There are two Processes, by Using these two Process, you can Resolve your Roku Error Code 009 Issue.

First Process :

  • Firstly, you need to turn off your Roku Box and removing power cable

  • Once the light stop blinking on your Roku device. Then you need to turn off the Wi-Fi router
  • Then you need to make sure to unplug power cable to your router. So that it becomes completely disconnect with power

  • You need to wait for some time like one or two minutes, Then you need power on your router by connecting power cord with your router first
  • Now you need to wait for one or two minute again to boost up your router for proper functioning
  • Now you can use any other device to check internet connectivity that either internet is accessible or not. You can use any device like your smartphone or personal computer etc.
  • After confirming that your device is getting internet through router after rebooting it. You need to connect your Roku with power.

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Still you are not Getting Network from Router, Call to your Internet Service Provider or Repeat all the Steps, Which we have Discussed Before.

  • Once you supplied power to your Roku device. Then you need to try to connect with the same Wi-Fi network and need to follow activation process
  • This step by step process will get rid off you to this 009 error.

Second Process:

  • First you need to reset your Roku box or stick

Note: There are Some Steps, by Using Given Steps you can Reset your Roku Box Easily

  • You need to make sure that you have to perform a factory reset operation to reset your Roku device

  • You need to connect your Roku device with your router by using Ethernet cable

  • Once your Roku device is connected with your router with Ethernet cable. You need to follow some activation process.
  • We are connecting Roku device with Ethernet rather than wireless network. Because we are going to update software and sometimes. It happens that in wireless network packet of data might get corrupted during travelling.
  • You need to pass your Roku device through software updating  processes. Because sometimes you face such problem due to software update. If you are using an older version, which is not supportable with your router, in this case you might get this kind of error. If your Roku device search latest patch automatically, it is good, but if it not searching automatically you need to find out the latest patch as per your model.
  • You need to download that latest patches, and install it.
  • Once the software update process is done, you need to remove Ethernet cable and connect with your wireless network
  • By adopting all the steps, there will be no more error showing against you at the Roku device activation process.
  • If you follow the above steps, then you will get rid of this kind of error definitely.

Note: If the Problem still Occurs and you are Getting Roku Error Code 009, in that Case you need to Contact Roku Technical Support for Helping out.

These are step by step process of solution, by adopting these steps you can sort out your error code 009 for your Roku device. 

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