How to Add Hidden Private Channels to Roku?

There are some hidden Roku channels that you can’t see in the store. You have to put in some work to find such hidden channels. When you open Roku, channels are just like apps. Hence, apps are present in a completely different zone when we talk about Roku. One can easily add hidden private channels to Roku if they know how to find them.

This blog post has everything you need to know about how to add hidden private channels to Roku. Before you learn how to add a private channel, let us first get to know what a private channel is.

What is a Roku Hidden Private Channel and why is it Hidden?

Private channels are actually located in the official store of Roku but their public display is disabled. Roku users cannot view these channels when they will open the channel store or search on the main website of Roku. Many of these channels are kept private because they aren’t ready for a release.

Some of them are hidden and cannot be installed because in order to watch them you need to take a membership. Some private channels have the type of content that Roku deliberately disables their public visibility. A few of them are unofficial, which is why they are kept private.

Search for the Private Channel that You Wish to Install

Firstly, you need to look for the private channel that you wish to install. The topic that you need to enter in the browser is “Roku private channel”. Now, go to The Nowhere Man as it has many private channels that you need to install.

Its list of clients includes the khan academy,, CNN, Vine, and Twitter. Moreover, the Nowhere Man provides “Nowhere TV”. This private channel is very popular as it contains free video content from several sites. You can actually see the whole directory of private channels by Roku on websites like thestreamfree, TV directory.

Add the Private Channel to Roku

Now, that you have found the private channels, then the next thing that you need to do is to add a hidden private channel to Roku. This is generally done by opening an internet browser because there is no other alternative to enter a private channel code on Roku.

Sign in to your account by going to the main website of Roku and then open the My account page. Then, select the link of “Add a channel”. Make sure you use the Roku account, which is linked to your Roku device.

After that, enter the code of your private channel. This code is also called “invitation code” or “channel access code”. Select Add channel and it will get added to your Roku account. Then, it will join the installation list on Roku.

After that, launch your Roku. Within the next 24 hours, you will view the hidden private channel on Roku but you don’t have to wait for it. You can also download the private channel just by going to Settings screen.

After that, select System and then select System Update. Now, choose the option of Check Now. After that, a screen will open up and Roku will begin to download the recently added channels.

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