How to do video call with Apple TV?

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If you have ever video called with your friends, your parents or anybody else, you must be knowing it is fun. However, video calling from a giant tv on a couch instead of a phone or tablet can be more exciting as well as entertaining. There was a time when people used to watch only black and white colours on tv. It further advanced to Eastman colour and with the enormous rise in technology, flat t.v’s with more vibrant colours and pixels came into existence.

Apple TV lets you see amazing pictures and videos in 4k HDR.  You can connect your iPhone to apple tv and enjoy videos and pictures on the giant screen. But the question is “Does it support video calling”?  Apple TV does not comprise in-built video calling apps. However, we can still do video calling with Apple TV on the big screen. The 1st and 2nd gen Apple TV does not support video calling but it can be done with either the 3rd generation or the new (4th generation) Apple TV. All you need now is your iPhone.

In the following content we will be giving tips on how to do video calling with your Apple TV;

    • Make sure you have a working wifi connection with no interruption.
    • Now, connect your iPhone and Apple tv to the same wifi network.
    • Swipe up the bottom edge of your iPhone to unveil the airplay.
    • Tap the apple airplay and then tap on apple tv to switch on mirroring. Once mirroring is done, anything which happens in your iPhone will be visible on the big screen.
  • Now from your iPhone, launch any video calling app like skype, facetime and start video calling.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your iPhone should be on the top of your T.V set so that you get a better camera angle towards the person you are calling. Obviously, you do not want only half of your face to be visible during video conferencing. So the best position is considered to be on the top of the T.V set so that a natural conversation takes place. You can use a ledge on the top of your T.V set to hold the iPhone during video calling as flattering camera angles can lead to embarrassment. You can use a telly mount if you want to tilt or rotate your phone to all camera angles so that everybody in the room can fit into a better view.  

Contact Apple TV Customer Support if you are facing any kind of technical trouble.

Apple TV has a strong bridgehead when it comes to internet streaming. People all over the globe are choosing digital media over cable connections. The reason being there is more efficiency and better results compared to previous times. Apple products are known for their quality and innovation in technology and sometimes complexities. The complexities can vary from a lost password to setup and configuration. When such condition arises, then instead of wasting any more time, contact us at apple tv customer support where our professionals will take care of every technical concern you are facing. Our team members work very hard day and night for satisfaction and complete guidance of our customers. Even if you are stuck with some technical glitch in the middle of the night, you can reach us at our toll-free Apple TV customer support phone number. Our team members will make sure that you get rid of all your technical glitches and assist you with the finest solutions so your problem gets solved in a short span of time. 

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