How to fix Apple TV AirPlay Problem?

How to fix Apple TV Airplay Problem

AirPlay is a service that is especially available on Apple operating system through which we can play audio files, share content like music, videos, views of computer screens. Unfortunately, it is not easy to use AirPlay because if the devices are connected improperly then it may become a frustrating experience for you.

Have a Look at Common Problems of Apple TV AirPlay –

a. AirPlay’s icon is not appearing on the screen.

b. Some devices are absent from AirPlay’s device list

c. The audio and video quality is too low

Check these basic troubleshooting steps –

1. Ensure Apple TV And AirPlay Device is Powered On –

Although it may sound an extremely simple step if you miss the simplest things then chances are high that you can trap in complex situations. So, please verify that your AirPlay device is powered on.

2. Reboot AirPlay Device –

Disconnect Apple TV from the power outlet and then unplug the power cord from the back side. Leave the cord unplugged for some time and then plug it back in. Once Apple TV boots, you can wait until it gets connected to the network.

3. Ensure Both Devices are Connected to Same Wi-Fi Network –

You need to check your iPad is connected to which network because it is extremely important AirPlay device and your iPad is connected to the same wireless network.

To find out the iPad network, go to the Settings app and you will find your wireless network name from the left side menu. (next to WiFi option)

To check WiFi network of Apple TV, move towards Settings and choose Network.

4. Verify AirPlay is Turned on –

Once you entered into Apple TV Settings, make sure AirPlay feature is actually turned on.

5. Reboot the Router and Update its Firmware –

In most cases, technical problems get resolved just by rebooting. So, it is always a good idea to reboot your router whenever you think this is the source point of the problem. If rebooting does not prove helpful, then update your router’s firmware.

What to do if you are unable to resolve Apple TV AirPlay Problem?

If you have tried above troubleshooting steps but the problem is still same then make a call on Apple TV Customer support number where experts will guide you to fix Apple TV AirPlay problems. Instead of using your mind, you can immediately get rid of all intricacies just by approaching Apple TV Customer support phone number.

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