How to Fix Apple TV Error 3902 Code?

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Generally, Apple TV error 3902 code arise while connecting Apple TV to the wireless network but if you are unable to accomplish this task then read this blog carefully. Here we have described troubleshooting tips that will help you to connect Apple TV to the wireless network in a hassle-free way.

To fix Apple TV Error 3902 code, Have a Look at Below-Mentioned Points-

  1. Check Everything is on and Connected – First of all, confirm that your router is connected to the modem and both devices are powered on. Place your Apple TV in the range of your router. Because if your Apple TV is placed too far away then it won’t get a signal. It is also advised by experts that don’t place your Apple TV at the foot of your router.
  1. Connect to WiFi – If you are connecting Apple TV 4K to WiFi, navigate to Settings and then click on Network. On the other hand, if you are using Apple TV of 2nd or 3rd generation then head towards Settings> General> Network. Once you do this, select a name of compatible WiFi network and then enter your WiFi password.
  1. Restart your Apple TV, Router and Modem – After restarting Apple TV, router and modem if still, you are facing same error then you need to contact professionals. To restart Apple TV 4K, navigate to Settings> System and then choose Restart. For restarting Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), go to Settings> General> Restart. After restarting Apple TV, unplug router, cable & DSL modem from the power supply. Plug in all devices after some time.
  1. Check for Software Updates – To check software updates on Apple TV 4K, head towards Settings>System> Software Updates.

For checking software updates on Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), again navigate to Settings> General> Update Software.

If any updates are available then install them. Once the installation finish, unplug Ethernet cable and again join to your WiFi network.

Still Facing Same Error?

  1. Confirm that interference does not exist in your area.
  2. If you are connected to your WiFi network but still you are not online then use your WiFi network with another device.
  3. Try a different location for connecting to WiFi. If your Apple TV is not connecting to any WiFi network then you need to contact Apple TV Customer Support.
  4. Confirm that your WiFi router has the latest version of firmware and your router is properly working with Apple TV.

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