How to Fix Apple TV Error 3905 Code?

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Apple TV is a digital media player through which we can watch online shows and even transfer photos, music, videos from iPad, iPhone to a high-definition widescreen television. But sometimes, Apple TV does not connect to WiFi and error 3905 displays on the screen.

There could be various reasons responsible for Apple TV Error 3905 Code

a. Apple TV is unable to join the network.

b. The WiFi network is unstable.

c. If there exist intermittent connection problem issues.

If WiFi network is displaying, but you are unable to connect to it then follow these points –

  1. First of all, adjust the location of the router that you are using, and also check for obstructions. Due to interference sources, it might be possible that you are experiencing technical problems with your Apple TV.
  2. Check for wireless security option for the router that you are using. If your WiFi network is protected by the password then confirm that you have entered the correct password. If you are using WEP security then use WPA or WPA2 instead of other security encryptions. If you are using wireless encryptions then temporarily disable them to rule out encryption issues.
  3. Confirm that your WiFi router is not using MAC address filtering or other security options that limit the number and type of devices that are connected to it. If you have to add Mac address to access the list of Wi-Fi router then navigate to Settings> General> About.
  4. Also, update your router to the latest firmware as if the firmware is outdated then various technical glitches can arise and hamper your important work.

If after going through above steps, Apple TV is not connecting to WiFi network then check these points –

1. Restart your Apple TV by going through Settings > General> Restart.

2. If you are using ethernet connection then confirm that your Apple TV is using the latest software. For updating Apple TV to the latest software, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

After updating Apple TV, install the updates and then test again. Hope these methods will help you to fix Apple TV Error 3905 Code.

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