How to Fix Apple TV Error 3924 Code?

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What is Apple TV Error 3924?

Generally, it is seen Apple TV error 3924 appears on screen when you enter incorrect WiFi password for connecting to WiFi network. There are three passwords associated with the router i.e., WPA2 key, administrator password, user password, so don’t get confused between them.

What are the Reasons Behind Apple TV Error 3924 Code?

Apple TV is a small device that streams movies and television content when it is connected to your home television system. While setting up Apple TV, the wireless network is more convenient than the Ethernet-based internet connection. If your Apple TV is not connecting to WiFi network then you need to troubleshoot this situation to find out the causes of this problem.

Causes –

When you face Apple TV error 3924, then you should understand there is a malfunction in your system operation. This error can occur due to failed or incorrect installation, consequences of the malware attack or improper system shutdown.

If Apple TV is Not Connecting to the Wireless Network –

1. Ensure your router is on and working properly.

2. In the next step, power on Apple TV and connected television. Once you do this, head towards next step.

3. When the programming loads, you have to choose your home wireless network. Also, enter the correct password for connecting to wireless network.

4. Verify that your Apple TV is placed near to the router. If Apple TV is out of range from the wireless network source then you will face some problems.

5. Now power down your wireless router and then turn it back on after some moments. If due to any reason, the wireless router is not detecting initially then restart your router in such situations.

Additional tips –

Check Mac Address Filtering –

If your router is using Mac address filtering and you have not added any Mac address then Apple TV will not connect to the internet. To fix this, navigate to Settings> General> About on your Apple TV. After this, log into your router and then add Access Control list.

Disable Wireless Encryption –

It might be possible Apple TV error code 3924 is caused by the encrypted network. To fix Apple TV error, it is suggested that turn off wireless encryption temporarily. For this log into your router’s setup wizard and then go to Wireless Setup> Security options and then choose “No encryption”. Apply the overall changes.

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