How to fix Apple TV Netflix Error 11800?

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What is Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 and when it occurs?

Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 point towards network issue and prevent the device from connecting to Netflix. In fact, this error is also termed as ATV error and it occurs due to Airplay issues and other failures while connecting to the server. When this Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 occurs then you have to refresh the information that is stored on your device. Although Netflix Error 11800 may also display as “Cannot play title. Please try again later” or “A Problem has occurred while playing the item”.

How can we overcome Apple TV Netflix Error 11800?

Solution 1 – Power Cycle Your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad that You Are Using

If your iDevice is intermittently desynchronized to your modem or internet service then this may result in “Apple TV Netflix Error 11800”. In such circumstances, refresh your connection by turning off your home modem router as well as your iDevice.

Apple TV – Turn off Apple TV and the television that you are using. Leave both devices unplugged for 2-3 minutes. After some time, plug back both devices and turn them on.
Lastly, try Netflix again and check if the error is still displaying or not.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch –

Press the Power off button until the red slider appears on the screen.
Turn the device completely off by swiping the slider.
Wait for at least 15 seconds and then turn on your iDevice by pressing Power On button.
In last, try Netflix again.

Solution 2 – Modify Apple TV DNS to Manual

If your DNS settings are set to automatic then you can receive “Apple TV Netflix Error 11800”. You can fix this error manually by setting DNS. You can even call your Internet Service Provider and ask for DNS address.
Beside this, you can also try Google Public DNS that is to

To set DNS, you need to check instructions that are mentioned below –

1.  Navigate to Settings.
2. Next, tap on Network> Ethernet> Configure DNS.
3. Afterward, you have to set DNS to Manual.
4. Once you finish this, restart your Apple TV.
5. Finally, try Netflix again.

Solution 3 – Reinstall Netflix on Your iPhone/ iPad

Various times, Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 may occur if Netflix is outdated or corrupted. So, you have to update or reinstall Netflix. But before that, you have to erase all Netflix downloaded files.

1. First and foremost, you have to uninstall Netflix.
2. Open App Store and then search for “Netflix”. You need to choose Free Netflix App from Netflix.Inc.
3. Afterward, tap on Cloud icon and then enter iTunes password. Now you have to download and install the app.
4. Once the installation finishes, tap on Netflix icon.
5. Log into your Netflix account by entering your email and password. That’s all.

If after trying above fixes, you are unable to resolve the error then immediately get in touch with experts at Apple TV Customer Support Number. If you find difficult to fix Apple TV Netflix Error 11800 then without wasting a moment, get in touch with Apple TV customer support phone number and get the relevant assistance directly from top-notched specialists.

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