How to get local channels on Roku?

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Roku is one of the best streaming player of modern times that has the channel for everything i.e., on-demand movies, live baseball, live feeds of pandas and other animals. Besides this, there are also channels for Live TV on Roku that includes skinny bundles like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue & Direct TV NOW. But what about local channels? Is there any way to watch local channels? Are there any apps to get local channels on Roku? In this blog, we have covered everything i.e., how to get local channels on Roku.

Direct TV NOW – Direct TV NOW is a skinny bundle that boasts the live feeds of all major networks. Besides this, Direct TV NOW also offer some regional sports networks. To start a free trial, check its official website.

Fubo TV – Fubo TV is widely focused on sports but it also offers a range of network TV Channels. Fubo TV offers the single base package as well as few add-on packages.

Hulu with Live TV – Hulu offers one base package and limits add-ons to premium channels. To watch live-streams of ABC, CBS, Fox & NBC, you will need the single base package. If you want to check out its free trial then visit its official website.

PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue is just limited to Sony’s PlayStation Gaming System. PlayStation Vue has local feeds of ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox.

Sling TV – Sling TV is another skinny bundle that includes ABC in one of its add-on packages.

Over the Air Broadcasts – One of the most affordable way to receive local broadcasts is to opt for over the air antenna. If you are using Roku’s smart TV model then add an antenna to its setup and then scan for channels.

NewsON – NewsON is one of the unique application that provides live broadcasts of local news stations. This app is especially for local news stations and you can’t pick things like CBS & Fox NFL broadcasts or NBC’s National Nightly News Program. News on offers a solid selection of local news stations from all over the country.

CBS All Access – CBS All Access is a streaming service that includes live streaming in various CBS’s markets. Although everyone is not eligible for live streaming and that thing you can easily find out by checking CBS’s website.

Now, you will understand that there are numerous ways to watch live TV on your Roku. Needless to mention, Roku’s platform provides us plenty of options and this is the reason everyone love to watch live streaming on Roku TV.

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