How to Record PS4 Gameplay in HD, Upload to PC, and Edit for Free?

We'll show you how to Record PS4 Gameplay in HD, then upload it to your PC in the highest quality possible, edit it for free, then share it to YouTube, Instagram, or anyplace else. First, we'll look at the software and hardware you'll need to get everything up and running.

If you already own a PlayStation 4, the cost is minimal, and the software is free. We'll walk you through each step of the procedure once we've explained what's required.

What You'll Need to Begin

You'll need to have the following items to complete this guide:

  • A USB stick

  • A PS4 and controller

  • You'll need a pc, preferably one that's up to date, because you'll be using video editing software.
  • Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is available for free download. To get the software, go to the Hitfilm website, share it on Facebook or Twitter, then establish a new account and download it. Hitfilm requests a simple social media share before allowing you to download because it is free.

You can only have one license, but you can transfer your ownership to another computer if you sign into Hitfilm on that computer. Thus there are no restrictions. It's time to record your gaming on PS4 for the following step.

How You Can Record HD Gameplay on Your PS4

Capturing gaming on your PS4 is simple. First, open the sharing menu, tap the 'Share' button once, and then press 'X' on the 'Sharing and Broadcast Settings' option.

Then, on the ‘Video Clip Settings' option, select X. Make sure that the ‘Length of Video Clip' is set to 60 minutes and that the ‘Dimensions' are set to 1920 x 1080. After that, you can exit the game and load the one you want to play. You can start recording at any point while playing by double-pressing the share icon. Double-tap the share icon once again to conclude your recording.

Plug your USB stick into one of the PS4's front USB ports when you're ready to transfer your recordings to your PC. Return to the home screen after that and choose the ‘Capture Gallery' option. The recordings will be organized into folders, and you may choose between selecting the folder for the game you played or selecting ‘all.'

When you've located the recording you want to save, click the 'Options' button when it's highlighted. Scroll up to the ‘Copy to USB storage device' option in the new window that displays. The video file you previously highlighted will now be checked.

Other video files can now be selected if you have them. Then, on the bottom right, find the ‘copy' button and tap ‘X' after it is selected. Finally, select 'OK,' and the file (s) will be copied to your USB drive. You can now unplug your USB stick and reconnect it to your PC after the copying is complete.

How You Can Edit PS4 Recordings on Your PC-

We'll walk you through the steps of importing your PS4 footage into Hitfilm, adding overlays, intros, and music, and finally exporting it. To begin, transfer your PS4 recording from your USB stick to your computer.

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Double-click the USB storage device after navigating to the PC.

Step 3: Open the PS4 folder > SHARE > Video Clips > Name of game.

Step 4: Drag the video file to your desktop by clicking and dragging it.

You should have already downloaded Hitfilm at this time. Open Hitfilm when it has been downloaded and installed. Click File, then 'New' after the program is open.

Select 1080p Full HD @ 60fps from the selection box in the pop-up window that displays. Once Hitfilm has loaded, minimize it to your desktop and click and drag your video clip into it. Drag it to the bottom left's small media box.

Then, using your media box, drag the clip into the timeline, slightly to the right of it. Next, Right-click 'Audio 1' and select Add a new track from the drop-down menu.

Then, just like with the PS4 video clip, drag the audio file into your media box and then into the timeline. Ensure that it is dragged into the newly established ‘audio 2' track. To add overlays, such as watermarks or text, repeat the steps above but right-click 'Video 1', add a new track, and drag the picture into the new video 2 track. Use the slice tool to cut out sections of your clip. To select it, press the ‘C’ key on your keyboard.

If you want to cut a specific portion, cut both sides of it, select it with the select tool, then delete it with the delete button. After that, you can drag one clip next to the other by clicking and dragging it. You can drag any element, like footage, music, or overlays, to whatever position you choose, which will vary when they play. To extend the duration of static images, click and drag the edge of the picture.

When you're done, click the 'Export' button, then the 'Contents' button. The procedure of exporting will commence. This could take a long time. Your file will only be a project file if you save it. To convert your project into an MP4 file posted and shared online, you must export it. When prompted, select 'Export.'

Finally, at the bottom, hit the ‘Start Exporting' button. Hitfilm will become orange after it's finished. You can reopen Hitfilm and navigate to your exported file by clicking the link.

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