How to Repair and Maintain Your magicJack System?

In this content, you will learn “How to Repair and Maintain Your magicJack System”. magicJack provides the best communication solution for all talkative personalities. Its performance and functionality remain the same for each and every subscriber. When I was searching through Google, at that time I could not help but notice the myriad of complaints concerning Maintain Your magicJack device. Many of them are on call quality and missed calls. Others mention error 3002  in connection with the magicJack Plus.

magicJack Device Issues

Even in the landline phone service, this is a normal situation in any phone. With a normal ‘landline’ phone service, the customer is responsible for maintaining the telephone and its associated cord. If the user faces any problem then he/she ensure the setting function of the telephone by testing it at another location. If it doesn’t work properly then pass onto his telephone company.

A telephone device powered by Magic Jack offers the user with far more efficiency. As well as the Maintain Your MagicJack device and handset, the system depends on the serviceability of the user’s high-speed internet connection and, in the case of earlier MJ devices, their computer system. Find the specific error and set honestly on the customer’s shoulders.

How to Repair and Maintain Your magicJack System

To ensure that your telephone system works reliably, it is advisable to do some type of regular maintenance. Below are listed as a routine, that can easily be perform on a monthly basis. It is not more complicated. You are simply turning the entire system off, then restarting it.

Given following points refer to the older version of magicJack Device. That must be connect to a computer’s USB port. If you have your own the Magic Jack Plus or magicJack Go which take benefit of your wireless internet connection, ignore guidance below that refers to the computer. Find connectivity problems remember to examine your ability to reach the internet by using a different piece of machinery kit that utilizes your wireless connection.

Steps to Resolve and Maintain Your magicJack Device

  1. your phone set needs power, unplug it.
  2. Remove the Magic Jack and lay it aside
  3. In Case your Magic Jack was connecting through a powered hub, unplug the hub from its power source.
  4. Log off and shut down the computer.
  5. Unplug the computer from its power source.
  6. If you use a router then unplug it from the power source.
  7. Also, unplug the modem (device connecting system to the internet) from its power source
  8. Count slowly to ten. Then reconnect the modem to its power source and allow this device a couple of minutes to loading this. At that point, there should be no red alert lights on the modem. Red lights are an indication of problems involving modem, the line from modem to wall socket or the internet connection.
  9. If your computer system uses a router, reconnect it to the power source. Allow a minute for the router to stabilize.
  10. Now, Plug in the computer and Turn it on and later login to the account. Wait for five minutes to allow the computer to fully load.
  11. If you are using a powered hub in conjunction with the magicJack, reconnect the hub to its power source.
  12. If you are using a phone that requires power then reconnect it to its power source. Must be sure that your phone set is connected to the magicJack via a phone cord.
  13. Now, reinsert the Magic Jack into the system and allow the software time to load.
  14. Thereafter, check the handset to ensure you have a dial tone.

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