How to Setup VPN on Apple TV?

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Apple TV receives digital data from various sources to stream movies and television shows on the TV screen. Although Apple TV users need to establish Virtual Private Network in order to protect the streaming videos. On the other hand, Apple TV does not provide internal support for setting up VPN. To establish VPN, Apple users must follow special methods that we have described in this blog.

There are three ways through which you can setup VPN on Apple TV. Let’s have a look at them –

a. Connect Apple TV via the wireless router –

1. First and foremost, you need to subscribe for a VPN for setting up VPN on Apple TV. Although when it comes to online streaming, PureVPN is the best choice as you can watch all hottest entertainment websites.

2. Now, take a VPN router. We recommend you to use DD-WRT, Belkin, Asus, Tomato, TP-Link, Dlink, Netgear Genie, Synology, Pfsense.

3. After choosing VPN router, you have to setup VPN account on VPN router. Although setting up VPN router is not a difficult task but if you face any difficulty then get in touch with Apple TV Customer Support.

4. In this step, you have to connect Apple TV to the router. For this, switch to your Apple TV device and navigate to Settings. Then, tap on General>Network> Configure Wi-Fi > Choose your Wi-Fi network. Then enter passwords and you’re done!

b. Connect Apple TV to the laptop for VPN via WiFi Hotspot –
In this process, you will need a laptop with ethernet internet connection, PureVPN account, PureVPN software. Once you have downloaded PureVPN app on your laptop, just run and install it. Once VPN gets connected, you just have to convert your laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot. After finishing this, you can easily connect your Apple TV to WiFi Hotspot.

c. Connect Apple TV to the laptop for VPN using Ethernet Connection –
1. First of all, you have to download PureVPN software on your computer.
2. In the next step, you have to connect your laptop to WiFi network. For this, take an ethernet cable and connect one of its end to your laptop and another end to Apple TV.
3. Then, connect PureVPN dialer and choose US IP.

For Windows operating system –
a. Navigate to Control Panel and then tap on Network and Sharing Center.
b. Then tap on Change Adapter Settings.
c. Head towards Connection Properties. Then tap on the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer connection” that is under Sharing tab.
d. Now your Apple device will connect to the internet and run VPN connection on your computer.

For Mac OS X –
a. Navigate to System Properties and then choose Sharing Option.
b. Go to Internet Sharing option and then choose “Airport” mode.
c. Now, move towards “To Computer Using” and choose “Ethernet”. At this moment, Apple device can use internet through your Mac’s device ethernet/LAN port.
d. Finally, start your Apple TV and take advantage of Mac OS X VPN by watching online streaming via Apple TV.

Hope, now you will understand how you can easily use VPN to watch YouTube, Vimeo and other streaming websites on your Apple TV. If you face any problem throughout the entire process of setting up VPN On Apple TV then get in touch with experts at Apple TV customer support phone number.

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