Roku TV: 5 Features that Makes it a Great Smart TV

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There are many reasons that people love Roku TV not only because the setup and navigation is extremely simple, in fact it is more than that. Roku TV are not only affordable but you can stream just about anything with access to 500,000 movies and TV shows. There is no doubt in saying that Roku is a great device but you should also check Roku OS Updates frequently as they bring new features and improvements. Roku streaming players provide us a cost-effective way to watch TV, so what are you waiting for, setup Roku account and start streaming your favorites.

Let’s have a look at Roku TV features that are really outstanding –

1. Home Screen Hub For Entertainment – You will definitely love Roku screen because here you can find content of all types like as inputs, subscriptions services, news etc. One of the most important thing is that you don’t have to search for dreaded input button. Roku TV is not just a TV, so what are you waiting for, just choose your entertainment choice from the home screen and enjoy.

2. Movie Nights – Roku Channel offers hundreds of Hollywood hits, comedies, cult classics and many more for free. If you have not watched In the Line of Fire, Terminator 2 : Judgement Day, Teen Wolf, Friends with Money, The Pursuit of happiness then why to wait more, when these are streaming on Roku channel for free.

3. Your Mobile Streaming Companion – In Roku mobile app, there exists a new feature called private listening. If you have not tried feature then try it now as because of this you can listen audio through headphones. One of the best thing of mobile app is that you can easily cast music, photos and videos from your phone to TV. Through this feature, you can use your mobile device as a fully functional remote control.

4. Pause Live TV – With Live TV pause, you can never miss a play if you have any important work. When an antenna is connected to your TV, you can you can pause and playback digital broadcast TV without any problem. In fact, using this feature, you can pause streaming content on Roku TV for 90 minutes. Live TV Pause only needs a USB- flash drive of 16 GB or more storage capacity that you have to connect to your Roku TV.

5. Use Voice to Change Channels – By using voice, you can search for shows, movies or your favourite entertainment content on Roku TV remote or through Roku mobile app. In coming days, you can use your voice to change channels and switch inputs in Roku OS 8.0.

Although Roku devices are simple to setup and easy to use if you face any problem they immediately get in touch with experts at Roku customer support number. Users can stream almost anything because Roku devices give you access to 4000+ free as well as paid channels. If you need any kind of support related to Roku device then instead of wasting your time, get in touch with experts at Roku customer support phone number.

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