Windows File Protection Error During Install

We all have come across annoying pop ups which keeps popping up on your screen, disturbing you and breaking your flow of work. So why does these pop ups occur? Generally, these pop ups are error messages warning you of certain limitations of your computer system. Because of which you can proceed on with your work. One such error is Windows file protection error. Which occurs generally when you are trying to update Windows on your computer.

This error can take place in several unique situations. But the most common one happens when user is intending to install a Microsoft update. For example, while you are trying to install a fresh copy of windows on your computer and then the error messages appear.

It always comes on with typical messages on the screen and says the installer can’t install certain files, preventing you PC from being competent at installing or upgrading system.  

The Following Message Box will Appear as Shown in the Box Below.

“Windows cannot install required files. The file may very well be corrupt or missing. Ensure all files require for installation can be obtain, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570. “

What Causes this Error?

There may be various factors behind having Windows file protection error,  several common causes of the problem are:

  • Computer is unable to process certain files or settings essential to Windows installation CDs. The installation disk may very well be damage or has incorrect permission.
  • The application fails to  locate required files to finish the process. This may be due to errors in registry settings or essential registry files are corrupt or missing.
  • Deleted files stay on computer, but system is unable to read them, or computer user try and delete or move certain files stored for a specific folder. Which is not allowed by system.
  • The built-in SATA driver are incorrectly recogniz during not hard to install process, as an illustration, BOIS on your hard drive is determine with RAID Auto detect/AHCI.
  • Computer infects virus or malware that may block any operations to your PC. It’s known to everyone that once you check email, browse web pages, download files, install software etc. Your laptop may very well be expose to virus, spyware, adware, etc. Once virus enters your laptop, it may well steal the information you have, erase files, attack system files, etc.

How to Resolve the Error Pop-up Message?

Method 1: Preventive Solution:

The error message might popup on your computer screen because of a  corrupt ISO file, faulty CD/DVD drive (e.g. writing process is flowe), corrupted USB drive, overlook system etc. Thus you can try a new USB drive with latest ISO file.

If you prefer to install a CD, then install Windows with a CD which is burn with a copy of Windows and MS products together with legitimate license key. It’s suggest to burn data to CD’s at quite low speed. Because the faster the write speed, the more likely to meet errors during the process.

Besides, the disc you select to burn data should be in good quality, low-quality or older discs are definitely buggy. A damaged disc can cause many problem including prevent normal read or write operations. If the operating system ISO is burn to a disc which has quality problem, for example, scratches, not only 0x80070570 error but also other Windows errors won’t be avoid.

Method 2: Retry Windows Installation:

If the CD or USB drive used to install system are out of problem, you can retry the installation. It’ll be better to use latest IOS and update BIOS to the latest version. Before starting the process, please move all unnecessary hardware from computer such as Network cards, printer, Microphone, external disk drives, etc. in order to prevent errors caused by hardware conflicts and incompatibility.

Click Install Now button placed on the installation wizard and it’ll start to install Windows. If you still get the error before the process is done, click cancel installation. Once the installation wizard attempts to roll back installation, click Install Now again. Computer will run the installation again without rebooting.

Method 3: Run Check Disk in Windows RE

To test this approach, you will need to restart computer and boot with installation disc. The next part is step-by-step guide:

  • Put the installation disc to computer optical drive and restart computer. If you’re prompt to press certain key to operate Windows from installation, then press it.
  • Choose appropriate language settings. Next, select “Repair my computer” option is the disc being use is not really a system repair disc.
  • Select the installation that requires repairing and click “Next”, after which the menu will show “System Recovery Option “.
  • Click “System Recovery Option” two times to open “Command Prompt” where you must type chkdsk/f/r and press Enter. Wait for a while until the disk check process completes and select Y to restart computer.

Method 4: Change BIOS Settings

In a small number of cases, the error is brought on by improper settings in BIOS. Which will be not so difficult to improve these settings.

  • Boot computer into BIOS. When computer is booting to system. You can see prompt information on screen. Which informs you can enter BIOS by pressing certain key from keyboard, such as for instance F2. Different computer have different designated keys to enter BIOS, please read information carefully and press correct key.
  • Go to Drives option and select SATA option. Change “RAID Autodetect-AHCI” to “RAID Autodetect-ATA” and save changes.
  • Exit BIOS and try installing Windows again.

If you have tried above steps and still Windows file protection error are troubling you then it’s time to contact experts.

Method 5: Clean Registry:

Registry is place that stores settings, options, entries for hardware, software and files, and it makes sure system run normally. Thus if these files get damage or corrupted, system registry won’t have the ability to work smoothly. Moreover, registry includes some unwanted files or leftover software entries which can also prevent system from smoothly working.

To cast off the error you will need to use cleaning system registry. Which will be actually one of the very common solutions recommend by technicians. Cleaning of the registry can be Carrie out manually in addition to by some third-party tools. You can find many such programs that could clean registry easily.

Manual cleaning can be a little complex to those that possess inadequate computer knowledge. Because of it involves many professional operations. If you wish to give it a shot all on your own. Make sure you produce a backup for existing registry prior to making changes in Registry Editor.

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