Online Customer Support for Roku and Magicjack

If you are facing recurrent problems with your MagicJack device, we are just a call away. We troubleshoot all kinds of Magic jack problems with effective solutions.We also offer help if you are facing difficulty in streaming your favorite shows using Roku. So, resolve your issues in no time with our Online customer support for Roku and Magicjack.

Solutions for Magicjack and Roku

Our services are not time bound and we are available to solve your queries so that you can get the most out of your Magicjack device. Magicjack problems may range from billing issues, missing dial tone or difficulty in connections. Our experts will offer the best customer support so that you get uninterrupted internet service and the best voice quality with Magicjack.

We offer budget friendly services so that you can stream your favorite shows with Roku without any interruptions.Common Roku errors include Hardware problems, HDMI problems or remote problems.

So, if you are not getting your money’s worth of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with Magicjack or lagging behind in streaming the latest videos with Roku, call us. We offer online customer support for Roku and Magicjack with utmost precision, efficiency and seamless service.

Most Common Magicjack Problems Faced by Customers

Do not be disappointed if your Magicjack has stopped working or you are not getting the optimum output from your device. Our services will restore the functionality of your MagicJack device and save your valuable time and money.

Poor Voice Quality

The Choppy voice issue in Magicjack is very common and can be caused if your computer CPU is too full of memory due to installation of antivirus or Firewall.

Magicjack Freezing

This is a recurrent problem where the Magicjack freezes for 20 to 30 seconds after picking up the phone and the dial tone is either sloppy or unavailable.

Backdated Hardware

Connectivity problems may arise with Magicjack when the hardware is not updated on time. Lack of routine maintenance of Magicjack will also lead to complaints and low output.

Numerical Error Code

This problem occurs in Magicjack when there are several error codes displayed on your computer. This will occur if the magicjack is connected via a router.

Troublesome Roku Problems Faced by Customers

Roku is a renowned streaming device with which you can watch your favourite shows anytime. However Roku comes with its share of issues which may be a pain point for the users. Failure to perform automatic updates is a very pressing issue with Roku and this can be resolved by rebooting the device.

Overheating of Roku is a common complaint by the users. This occurs when the Roku is kept in an area with less ventilation or it is kept on top of another device.Some Roku devices have a safety LED light that will glow as a warning when the system overheats. Roku remotes may cease to function sometimes.

Why Choose us for Online Customer Support for Roku and Magicjack?

We offer innovative services for your Roku and Magicjack issues. Our technicians are available anytime to solve your queries and provide foolproof solutions to your problems.

You can easily fix your magicjack and Roku issues from your home with our online support. So whether it is a dead dial tone or connection problem between your Magicjack or router we will offer the appropriate solutions.

Phone and Magicjack not Compatible

This can occur when the handset or phone is very old and does not sync with Magicjack. This can be solved by replacing the phone.

Multiple Magicjack Devices

When the same phone number is used for more than one Magicjack device, errors occur and magicjack switches over to the voicemail mode.

Roku Network Problems

This problem occurs when both the devices Roku and Phone(or TV) are not connected to the same network.This can be avoided by fixing the network settings.

Roku Audio Problems

Audio video problems with Roku occur if there are problems with software settings, hardware issues or loosely connected power points.

Difficulty in Installation

Improper installation will lead to disappearing and reappearing of the soft phone screen on your computer.

Common Roku and Magicjack Errors

  • Network problem
  • Compatibility issues
  • Audio video errors
  • Overheating
  • Connection problems
  • No dial tone
  • Installation issues

What Our Clients Says...

Client reviews for Roku and MagicJack


I have been using magicjack for many years now and have faced reception issues sometimes. But ever since I have approached them for service, the results were excellent. Their timely and budget friendly solutions have eased my reception problems and the voice quality has improved too. I will definitely call them again for help.


My MagicJack device was working properly until recently the connectivity issues started. I tried to fix them myself but things worsened.Someone recommended their online support and I am glad that I availed their service. Their expert technicians solved the problems in no time and my Magicjack is working as good as new.


I got help for my Roku stick from them as I was facing severe connection and download problems. Their services are excellent and value for money. They handled the issues in a professional manner and I am more than happy now as I can watch my favorite shows without any break.

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