How to Fix It When One AirPod Is Not Working?

Like every other technical device, you may come across issues while using AirPods. Here in this post, you will learn how to fix one AirPod is not working problem. If your AirPod is only playing in one ear, then that means there is some problem and it needs to be fixed immediately. 

There is a chance that this problem is occurring because of low battery issues or dirty AirPods.  Worry not, as here we are available with multiple solutions that can help you fix this problem. 

How To Fix Airpods Not Working Problem?

In case your AirPods are not working, then below we are available with multiple ways to resolve your issue. The methods to fix this problem are listed from the simplest to the most difficult ones. Apply these solutions in the order mentioned below. 

1) Check Battery

There is a very high possibility that you are facing this AirPods not working problem because of the low battery issue. The battery of your Airpods drains at a really fast pace. Even if you charge the batteries simultaneously, it still may drain very quickly. therefore, in order to fix this problem, you need to charge the battery of your AirPods

2) Clean AirPods

One AirPod is not working problem can also occur because of the dirt accumulated on the surface of your AirPods. The dirt build-up on your AirPods can block you from listening to the sound coming out of it. In order to fix this problem, you need to clean your clogged AirPods

3) Turn OFF the Bluetooth and then turn it back ON

Bluetooth connectivity issues can also be a cause of one AirPod is not working problem. To fix this issue, you need to reset Bluetooth. Go to Settings and then Bluetooth. After that, turn off Bluetooth by moving the toggle towards the left. Wait for a while and then turn it on. 

4) Restart Your Device

This will not definitely fix your problem but you should surely give it a try. This method is quite simple and straightforward. Restarting a device can help you fix temporary issues by wiping out the active memory. 

5) Unpair AirPods and then Repair them

If your issue does not resolve after applying the solutions mentioned above, then try pairing your AirPods and then re-pair them. In order to do so, you are required to go to Settings, Bluetooth, and then select AirPods. After that, choose the option of Forget This Device.

Now, tap on Forget Device. This will remove AirPods from your device. Then, you need to put the AirPods back into the case. Press and hold the button on your case and then carry out the setup instructions appearing on your screen.  

6) Hard Reset your AirPods

You can also try hard resetting your AirPods. You need to perform the same steps that you performed for un-pairing and re-pairing the AirPods. When you press the button on the case of your AirPods, you must continue holding it for at least 15 seconds and wait for the light to flash amber and then change to white.

Now, release the button and carry out the instructions appearing on the screen. 

7) Try Resetting the Network Settings

Your device has network settings, which include Bluetooth devices as well. There is a chance that the network settings are leading to the one AirPod is not working problem. This issue can be fixed by resetting the network settings.

In order to do so, you will be required to re-pair Bluetooth devices and enter the Wi-Fi password one more time. In order to reset Network Settings, you need to launch the Settings first and then go to General. After that, select Reset and then Reset Network Settings

8) Update OS

The new version of iOS or iPad OS has many amazing features and helps you fix bugs. Your one AirPod is not working problem can easily be fixed by updating the OS of your device to the latest version. Updates are fast, free, and introduce many benefits. 

So, these are some methods that you can apply to fix one AirPod is not working problem

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