How to Remove your Login Password from Windows 10?

Although using Windows 10 with a password is always suggested to keep your device and information safe and private from prying eyes, a password may add extra steps to the login procedure depending on the scenario. If you don't have any essential data on your computer and security isn't an issue, 

Windows 10 offers several options for removing the account password. Whether you use a local or Microsoft account, you'll discover how to sign in automatically (or delete the login password) from a Windows 10 device in this article.

If you're worried about the security of your papers, photographs, and other sensitive information, you've probably used Windows 10's password function, which allows you to lock your computer while you're not using it and prevent others from accessing it. 

It's a crucial security feature that protects your laptop if it's stolen or falls into the wrong hands Given that having to re-enter a password every time you power on or wake up your computer might be a little irritating, you may wish to disable the password on Windows 10.

On Windows 10, disable password login.

Because your credentials are connected to your online account, you won't be able to delete the password altogether if you use a Microsoft account. You may, however, set your device to automatically sign in to imitate an account without a password.

Follow these procedures to circumvent the Windows 10 password login:

  • On Windows 10, go to Start.

  • To access Control Panel, search for netplwiz and select the first result.

  • Select the account for which you wish to remove the password from the "Users for this machine" section.

  • To use this computer, the user needs first to create a username and password.


Surprisingly, Netplwiz has no method for checking the password's correctness; as long as they match, Windows is satisfied. If you input the wrong password again in the same way, you'll see an error notice when you reboot. Windows will then display two identical accounts, requiring you to log in again. Simply return to Netplwiz and re-enter the password correctly.

Unless you have a computer in your private house that no one but you will ever touch, removing your login password from your PC is a poor idea. In that case, why don't you erase your password and skip the first step. We've already explained how to remove the Windows 10 password by fiddling with the operating system's power settings. However, there is a better way to completely erase the password, so you'll never have to input it again.

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