How to Renew magicJack Subscription?

Renew magicJack Subscription devices are used to, make international calls. Using the Voice Over the Internet (VOI) technology. Thousands of people use, this device to cut down their phone bill. magicJack is a small device. Which can be directly connected to, your computer and then calls can be made throughout. The world specifically to, USA and Canada.

The popularity of the device, when It ventured Into the market was as such that, it was voted as the ‘Product Of the Year’. Although, these devices have for sure, brought down your phone bills. It does have its fair share of, malfunctions and issues.

Steps to Renew magicJack Subscription:

We at our magic-Jack online, Tech Support receives, numerous queries and complaints regarding the device. Among all these queries, one common has been, ‘How to renew magic-Jack Subscription?’. I will discuss the process in detail, In the following section.

So make sure to, follow them carefully. In case you are facing, any other technical glitch or difficulty with your magic-Jack device. then call our magic-Jack, Technical Support Phone number and avail the finest assistance. From experienced and learned magic-Jack technicians.

Update Your magic-Jack Subscription in Simple Steps:

magic-Jack device works on a subscription, Just like majority of present day web based services. It is kind of a pre-paid service. Where you pay for a plan, depending on your needs. Then continue making cheaper calls abroad. I will discuss in detail, how you can subscribe to, your required plan of magic-Jack.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to, the website.


  • You need to login into your account, use your phone number or email address. Which is associated with your magic-Jack device.


  • On the main page, click on ‘Customer Service’ > ‘Extend your License’. Now you will be provided with different subscription plans. It could be quarterly, monthly or yearly.

  • Click Next after selecting the plan, you will be redirected to a payment Window. You need to choose from different options for payment provided.

  • Complete the payment and make sure, you have received a notification mail informing about the renewal.
  • Now plug-in your magic-Jack device, back and try making calls. If you are not able to make calls yet, reboot your system and wait for few minutes.

These are some of the steps, you need to follow in order to complete the renewal of subscription. Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving your problem.

In case you have any doubts, regarding the mentioned steps or your problem, still persists then chances are you might be, facing some technical niggles. We recommend you to, call magicJack Technical Support number for technical assistance from experts.

They are available, for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year. So do not waste, your precious time and money, looking for a technician around. When you can avail the services of, some of the finest in industry. We provide reliable and affordable service all the time.

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