How to Resolve MagicJack Login Problems?

Similar to Skype, Google Voice and other Internet protocol voice applications, MagicJack allows users to use their standard phone number to make and receive calls over the Internet. MagicJack works flexibly with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Intel-based Macs. But there are times when Magicjack users face certain problems. Like, if you have MagicJack Login problems, here is a great fix for you. Whenever your computer’s USB port doesn’t identifies your Magic Jack dongle during program initialization, it puts a MagicTalk splash screen on you monitor. Simply close that screen and shut down your computer.

Try to insert the MagicJack into some other free USB port. If in case you don’t find any free port, use some USB device to plug in the MagicJack. Next, reboot your computer and this time it should detect your device successfully. Subsequently it will automatically start the installation process and will leave you with the MagicJack soft welcome screen.

Note: Remember that you don’t have to sign up for that service. Get more information at magic customer support.

If the MagicJack Login Problem is due to USB Cable

Sometimes, a wrong USB cable also causes MagicJack Login issue. As far as installation experience is concerned, short USB cable mostly create problem with Magic Jack for some users. So, a good option is to find a spot where you can install it without any USB cable if your problem persists. By eliminating the cable, you can ensure that the USB port can detect the Magic Jack. There is no role of the USB cable. In some cases, a short cable works also works for many years.

Basic Hacks that can Troubleshoot MagicJack Login Issue

  1. Whenever you face a kind of problem with MagicJack, just unplug the device from the power source. Wait for some time and plug it back again into the port. The Magicjack takes some time for loading the screen. 
  2. If you find that the voice quality is poor then go to “Menu” and then tap on Volume Control button. This helps you to control the volume of speakers and microphone also.
  3. If you belong to or live in a place where there are frequent power cuts then use UPS to plug in the cable modem and router device. 
  4. If your internet connection is slow or unpredictable, then you will definitely face MagicJack Login issue. So it’s always recommended to prefer a faster broadband internet connection.

Few More Things to Consider

A USB cable is not only the cause for MagicJack Login problem. Additionally, you have to ensure that the USB port has adequate power to operate the MagicJack and the connected phone or device. Generally, the ports present at the back side of a desktop computer or those in a laptop has the adequate power levels. But the USB splutters are frequently under powered. So, you have to make sure that your Magic Jack has adequate power by connecting it to a powered USB hub. Replace the power source if you suspect it may be starved later during operation.

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Step 1: Open the device manager settings in Windows

For Windows 7, go to control panel >> system >> device manager

For Windows XP, go to control panel >> system >> hardware (tab) >> device manager

Step 2: Expand the USB section. 

Step 3: You can delete the extra USB devices as possible

Note: Use your mouse if you are not able to navigate using the keyboard.

Step 4: Reboot the system. By doing this, Windows will reinstall all of the USB devices at boot-up.

In case of MagicJack Login issues, there is always the possibility that your Magic Jack is not working if it isn’t recognized by the USB port. To verify this MagicJack Login issue, you can try it in another computer and check if the problem disappears.

Update Device Firmware

You have tried all the previous troubleshooting steps but unfortunately got failed. The next thing you can try is to upgrade the device to the latest firmware. For further information, feel free to contact magic customer support Number

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Still encountering a login error? Contact your Internet Service Provider and request assistance for the following:

  • Opening ports 5060 through 5070 on your router/modem
  • Lowering the internal firewall on your router/modem

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