magicJack not Starting Automatically at Bootup? Follow the Tips

magicJack is one of the most popular calling device used by millions across the globe. Basically, magicJack is a calling device. Which uses the Voice Over Internet(VOI) technology to make calls. From the device to another user anywhere in USA and Canada. The device has been so popular among the majority. That at one point people were calling it Skype Killer resolve magicJack not Starting.

Instead of paying heavy phone bills to the network provider, people prefer magicJack device. It fits directly into your computer. And you can make free calls to your friends and family in USA and Canada. Without worrying about the international charges. Although, these small device has made a great impact in our lives. It also has its fair share of technical issues like any other electronic device. We at our magicJack Technical Support number receives numerous queries and complaints from the users on a daily basis.

Among all these queries one common one has been regarding the boot up issue. They are facing with their magicJack device. In this article I will discuss in detail how you can get rid of the problem. So follow the mentioned instructions in the following section carefully. In case you have any other technical problem like magicJack not Starting Automatically. Feel free to call our magicJack Customer Support number available for 24*7 round the clock.

How to Resolve magicJack not Starting Automatically at Boot up’ Issue?

The reason for your magicJack not Starting to be able to boot up automatically. Could be because of miscommunication between the devices or if the device has not been enabled to functions. I will try to provide the troubleshooting techniques for all major Windows operating systems. So follow the instructions as per your OS. Also, make sure that all the drivers related to your magicJack is installed and functioning. If not install them or update them first.


Make sure magicJack application is active on your computer. To check perform the following task:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard and open your task manager. Select it.

  • Now move to the “Startup” tab.

  • Search for the application named “ magicJack (cdloader2)” and confirm that it is “enabled”.


  • Go to C drive>Documents and Settings>Users>Application Data>Roaming> mjusbsp> in00000.
  • Copy the file named as “setup”.
  • Now, tap on the Start button and select all programs. Then right click on the Startup folder, and tap to open all users. Paste the copied setup file into this folder.


  • Open control panel. select folder options, tap on ‘view’, check View hidden files and folder. Enter apply, tap OK, and come back to the home screen by closing control panel.
  • Go to C:>documents and settings>[your name]> Application Data> mjusbsp> in00000
  • Copy ‘setup’ file and close the folder.
  • Tap on Start button go to All Programs. Right-click on the startup folder. And open all users and paste the copied file here.

These are some of the methods and troubleshooting techniques. You can follow to resolve the booting up issue on your magicJack device. Hopefully, these methods will resolve the issue. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding these mentioned steps. The issue still persists, call our magicJack Technical Support number.

We possess some of the highly experienced and learned technicians who knows the complete inside out of these machines. So, do not waste your precious time and money looking for a technician around. When you can avail the services of the best technicians with just a phone call. Call magicJack Customer Support number now and see all your magicJack related problems vanish away.

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