Ways to Enhance the Wireless Connection on Your Roku Streaming Device

In this blog, we are discussing various ways to, enhance the wireless connection on Roku Streaming device.

First of all, Check Your Wireless Signal Strength-

  1. Navigate to Settings and then tap on Network.
  2. If your Roku is not connecting to wireless network. Choose the option “Setup Wireless Connection”. If your network name is not displaying on the network. List then your should understand. Roku is not place near to router.
  3. Once your Roku device is connect to the router. Wireless signal strength will be display as Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent.

Below We are Describing Some Troubleshooting Tips to Enhance the Wireless Connection on Your Roku Streaming Device –

Router’s Location – 

Sometimes by making a slight adjustment in the router’s position can make a big difference. Expert says to place the router near by. Don’t place your router near the window or in the basement.

Update Router Firmware – 

To provide optimal streaming performance. update router’s firmware and driver from time to time. If possible, use the router that features 802.11n technology. As they are ideal for video streaming.

Limit Devices Hogging Internet Speed – 

While browsing on the internet. If you are streaming a movie and downloading some videos. Then definitely internet speed will get down. In such situations. consolidate the number of devices. So that you can enjoy a good internet speed.

Disable QOS –

If possible, disable QOS on your router because helps to prioritize. The network traffic. If you have router manual then you can find the more details, for disabling QOS.

Adjust Wireless Security Mode – 

Set your wireless security mode. from AES to TKIP as this will help you to connect Roku Streaming Stick, to the wireless network.

Regulate MAC Address Filtering – 

Through MAC address filtering. You can add specific wireless devices. You can also check router’s user manual to disable MAC filtering.

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